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  1. Carpenter Hobby Tool Kit (5 Pc)

  2. Block Plane (Cast Iron)

  3. Block Plane (Sheeted)

  4. Hobby Brass Plane

  5. Jack Plane (Plain Base and Corrugated Base)

  6. Jack Plane Blade

  7. Jack Plane (Sheeted)

  8. Bevel Square (Cast Iron)

  9. Adjustable Bevels

  10. Brass Vernier Callipers

  11. Economy Vernier Calliper

  12. Wood Working Caliper

  13. Carpenter Try Square
              Wooden Base
              Cast Iron

  14. Breast Drill Machine

  15. Hand Drill Machine

  16. Hand Drill Machine (Special)

  17. Drill Chuck

  18. Prong Drive

  19. Circle Cutter

  20. Lace Bobben Drive

  21. Flat Wood Bit

  22. Marking Gauge

  23. Wooden Mallet

  24. Mitre Box

  25. Mitre Square

  26. Paint Mixer

  27. Spoke Shave Plane

  28. Saw Set Plier (German Type)

  29. Saw Set Plier (Pistol Type)

  30. Stainless Steel Gouges

  31. Stainless Steel Chisels

  32. Wood Working Chisels

  33. Miniature Chisel Tool Kit (HSS)

  34. Coping Saw Frame

  35. Coping Saw Blade

  36. Wood Saw

  37. C or G Clamp (Drop Forged)

  38. C or G Clamp (Ductile)

  39. C or G Clamp (Sheeted (Welded / Pressed)

  40. T Bar Cramps

  41. Corner Clamp

  42. F Clamp (Bar Cramps)

  43. Woodworking Vice

ABM Tools Products






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