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  1. C or G Clamp (Drop Forged)

  2. C or G Clamp (Ductile)

  3. C or G Clamp (Sheeted) (Welded / Pressed)

  4. F Clamp (Bar Cramps)

  5. T Bar Cramps

  6. Corner Clamp

  7. Parallel Clamps (Tool Maker's)

  8. Chain Pipe Vice

  9. Pioneer Vice With Stand

  10. Pipe Vice Self Locking

  11. Pipe Vice Self Locking With Stand

  12. 2 PC Milling Machine Vice

  13. Milling Machine Vice (Heavy Duty)

  14. Baby Bench Vice (Table Vice) (Fixed and Swivel Base)

  15. Bench Vices

  16. Drill Press Vice (Heavy Duty)

  17. Drill Press  Vice (Multiside Use)

  18. Drill Press Vice (Precision Grinding Vice)

  19. Precision Grinding Vice

  20. Toolmakers Precision Steel Vice

  21. Toolmakers Precision Screw less Vice

  22. Unigrip Machine Vice (Heavy Duty)

  23. Universal Vice

  24. Woodworking Vice

  25. Compound Sliding Table (Milling and Drilling Table)

  26. Horizontal Vertical Rotary Table  (Rotary Milling Table)

  27. Swivel Angle Plates

  28. Tilting Table Adjustable Angle Plate

  29. 2 Way Universal Tilting and Swiveling Angle Vice (Machine Vice)

  30. Toolmaker's Universal Angle Vice With Two Way Movement

  31. 3 Way Universal Tilting And Swivel Angle Vice

  32. Self Centering Vice

  33. Drill Vice  (German  Type)

   ABM Tools Products






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