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  1. Boring Bars With Holders

  2. Boring Tool Holder (Lever Lock)

  3. Boring Tool Holder (Screw ON)

  4. Indexable Carbide Turning Tool Holder

  5. External Tool Holder (Lever Lock)

  6. External Tool Holder (Screw Clamp)

  7. External Tool Holder (Top Clamp)

  8. Die Holder (Shank Type)

  9. Fly Tool Cutter Holder

  10. R - 8 Fly Cutter Holder

  11. Saw Holder

  12. R - 8 Saw Holder

  13. J and S Type Cut Off Holder

  14. Knurling Tool Holders

  15. Spare Knurls

  16. Parting Tool Holder

  17. Turning Tool Bit Holder (American Pattern)

  18. Turning Tool Bit Holder (English / British Pattern)

  19. Turning Tool Holder (Adjustable)

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