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  1. Border  Fork

  2. Border Spade

  3. Digging Fork

  4. Digging Spade

  5. Round Shovel (Mouth Shovel)

  6. Square Shovel (Mouth Shovel)

  7. Cutter Mattock

  8. Garden Pick Mattock

  9. Hoe (Without Eye)

  10. Hoe D Shaped Eye Forged

  11. Hoe Fork

  12. Hoe  Head Without Eye (Hoe Tanged)

  13. Hoe Oval Eye Forged

  14. Hoe Raised Eye Forged

  15. Hoe Round Eye Forged

  16. Hoe Stamped

  17. Pick Axe Diamond

  18. Pick Mattock Oval Eye

  19. Pick Oval Eye Chisel and Point

  20. Pick Oval Eye Double Point

  21. Pick Round Eye Chisel and Point

  22. Pickaxe Oval Eye Chisel and Point

  23. Rock Pick Oval Eye

  24. Pick  Axe

  25. Pick  Axe  Italy

  26. Hoe  Mattock

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