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  1. Adjustable Bevels

  2. Steel Rules

  3. Beam Trammel

  4. Brass Vernier Callipers

  5. Vernier Callipers

  6. Firm Joint Callipers and Didivders

  7. Firm Joint Odd Leg Jenny Callipers

  8. Hermaphrodite Callipers

  9. Spring Callipers and Dividers

  10. Square Leg Spring Divider (German Type)

  11. Wing Compass Divider

  12. Steel Parallels

  13. V - Block (Casted)

  14. V - Block Quadruple

  15. Machinist V - Block Set

  16. Magnetic V - Block Set

  17. Precision V - Block and Clamp Set Multiuse

  18. Precision V - Block and Clamp Ultimate All Angle

  19. Sine Bar Economy

  20. Centre  Square

  21. Engineers Steel Square

  22. Adjustable  Steel Square

  23. Dial Comparator Stand

  24. Micrometer (Economy)

  25. Micrometer Stand Base

  26. Wiggler Centre Finders

  27. Edge Finder and Centre Finder

  28. Round Bar Centre Finder

  29. Machinist Scraper

  30. Scribers Scrapers

  31. Triangular Scraper

  32. Right Angle Iron Plate

  33. Slotted Machine Angle Plate (Webbed & Open)

  34. Solid Angle Plate

  35. Stepped Angle Plate

  36. Surface Plate

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