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  1. Bench Block

  2. Drill Chuck

  3. Drill Chuck Keys

  4. Drill Chuck Arbor
              Taper  Shank  Arbor
              R-8  Arbors  for  Drill  Chucks

  5. Blank Arbors

  6. Straight Shank Arbors

  7. Straight Stub MT Arbor

  8. Threaded Arbors

  9. Dead Centre (Lathe Centre)

  10. Revolving Centre (Econo Live Centre) (Dual Bearing)

  11. Revolving Centre (Live Centre) (Tripple Bearing)

  12. Precision Live Centre (Revolving Centre)

  13. Drill Drift

  14. Drill Sleeves

  15. Extension Sockets

  16. Solid Sockets (Turret Sockets)

  17. Threaded Shank for Boring

  18. R - 8 Morse Taper Adapter

  19. Independent Four Jaw Lathe Chuck (Dog Chuck)

  20. Self Centring Lathe Chuck (True Chuck)

  21. Integrated R - 8 Shank Boring Head

  22. Precision Boring Heads

  23. Lathe Boring Tools

  24. Lathe Carrier

  25. Lathe Chuck Keys

  26. Safety Self Ejecting Lathe Chuck Keys

  27. Machinist Jack (Light Duty)

  28. Machinist Jack (Heavy Duty)

  29. File Handles

  30. Screw Extractor

  31. T Slot Cleaner

  32. Machine Hand Tap Guide

  33. Tap Guide (Knurled Body)

  34. Tap Guide (Spring Centre)

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