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ABM Tools, India, UK, USA

Our company started manufacturing and exporting in the early year of 1992 and has risen to become a leader in supplying the engineering industry with quality tools at an affordable prices.

With our two manufacturing units having a high product capacity, backed by professional team of skilled and experienced labour, our name stands for high tech level of know how, outstanding quality at an excellent price. Company has various CNC machines, Grinders, Lathe, Shapers, Milling, Power Presses and various other machines as well as in inspection workshop there are numbers of inspection instruments like Master Gauges, Profile Projector, 3D coordinate measuring machine, Tensile Testing Torch Tester, surface Tester, cylindrical Bore Gauges etc. etc. to help in providing our customers with consistent quality at all times.

Our R&D Department anticipates future needs, and an ongoing research in design and technology keeps us one step ahead of competition. We can manufacture products exactly to given specifications. The products are being manufactured as per international standards.

Having large inventory of most of the items. We can supply products very timely. Inspite of a very strong stock base we believe our single asset is our people, the people who worked for us, our vendors who manufacture products according to our specifications of quality on an exclusive basis and the people who buy from us, you are our valued customers.

Our products are being exported to the various major countries of the world.







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