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  Wrenches  and  Pliers
  Cutter  and  Pincers
  Chisels  and  Wrecking  Bars


  1. Ball Pein Hammer

  2. Chaser Hammer

  3. Chipping Hammer
              Tubular Handles
              Spring Handle

  4. Claw Hammer
              Wooden Handle
              Steel Shaft  with  Rubber  Grip

  5. Lady Claw Hammer

  6. Club Hammer (Straight and Curved Head)

  7. Cross Pein Hammer

  8. French Hammer

  9. Machinist Hammer

  10. Pin Hammer

  11. Six in One Hammer

  12. Sledge Hammer

  13. Stonning Hammer (American Type)

  14. Stonning Hammer (Spanish Type)

  15. Swiss Hammer



  1. Angular Wheel Wrench / Spanner (L Type)

  2. Box Spanner / Wrench (Tubular Box Spanner)

  3. Standard Lug Wrenches (Four Way Wheel Spanner)

  4. Telescopic Wheel Spanner with Socket

  5. Two Way Wheel Wrench (Wheel Wrench Double Ended)

  6. Bridge Spanner

  7. Bi Hexagonal Ring Spanner (Deep Offset)

  8. Combination Open and Ring End Spanner (Long Pattern  and  Normal  Pattern)

  9. Combination Open and ring end Spanner (Raised Panel)

  10. Double Ended Open Jaw Spanner (Long Pattern)

  11. Double Ended Open Jaw Spanner (Raised Pattern)

  12. Double Ended Open Jaw Spanner

  13. Cylinder Key Spanner

  14. Gas Spanner

  15. Gas Spanner (English Type)

  16. Gas Spanner (Italian Type)

  17. Master Spanner



  1. Adjustable Wrench

  2. Basin Wrench

  3. Chain Pipe Wrench

  4. Drainer Wrench

  5. Oil Filter Wrench (Heavy)

  6. Oil Filter Wrench (Light)

  7. Oil Filter Wrench (Special)

  8. Pipe Wrench (Rigid Type) (Heavy Duty)

  9. Pipe Wrench (Stillson Type)

  10. Pipe Wrench (Spanish Type)

  11. Pipe Wrench (Swedish Type)

  12. Round Nose Plier

  13. Bent Nose Plier

  14. Flat Nose Plier

  15. Long Nose Plier

  16. Combination Plier

  17. Diagonal Cutting Plier (Side Cutting Plier)

  18. Fencing Plier (Straight)

  19. Fencing Plier (Hammer Head) (Multipurpose Function)

  20. Fit Plier

  21. Locking Plier (Self Grip Plier)

  22. Piano Side Cutter

  23. Circlip Plier

  24. Miniature Set Plier

  25. Miniature Set Plier (Stainless Steel)

  26. Revolving Punch Plier

  27. Wire Snip Plier (Wire Stripping Plier)

  28. Shearing Plier

  29. Tin Cutter (Tin Snip)

  30. Slip Joint Plier

  31. Water Pump Plier (Box Type)

  32. Water Pump Plier (Channel Type)

  33. Water Pump Plier (Grove Joint Type)

  34. Water Pump Plier (Slip Joint Type)



  1. Bolt Cutter

  2. Cobbler / Carpenter Pincer

  3. End Cutting Plier

  4. Pipe Cutter

  5. Rabbit Pincer (Half Cut)

  6. Tin Cutter (Tin Snip)

  7. Top Cutter Plier

  8. Tower Pincer



  1. Bolster Chisels

  2. Brick Bolster Chisels

  3. Chisels

  4. Mason Chisels (Flat, Pointed or Cross Cut)

  5. Caulking Gun (Sealant Gun)

  6. Plumb Bobs (With Guide and  Rope)

  7. Mason Pegs

  8. Nail Puller (With Grip)

  9. Crow Bar

  10. Pry Bar (Utility Bar)

  11. Wrecking Bars (Single and Double Ended)  (Goose  Neck  Head)

  12. Wrecking Bars (Professional, Single and Double Ended)

  13. Bearing Puller

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