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MASON  CHISELS  (Flat, Pointed  or  Cross  Cut)

mason chisels

  • Selected Carbon Steel 

  • Duly Hardened And Tempered

  • Available With Or Without Grip

  • Finish  : Painted Or Powder Coated

Item Code No.


With Grip Without Grip
ABM-CWB-028 ABM-CWB-036 16 200
ABM-CWB-029 ABM-CWB-037 16 250
ABM-CWB-030 ABM-CWB-038 16 300
ABM-CWB-031 ABM-CWB-039 18 200
ABM-CWB-032 ABM-CWB-040 18 250
ABM-CWB-033 ABM-CWB-041 18 300
Please mention Painted / Powder Coated  Finish & Colour while placing order
Please mention Flat , Pointed or Cross Cut
While placing order

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